Xdesk Terra Pro Review: High Performance Standing Desk

With the rapid progress of the standing desk market, the recently rebranded XDesk (formerly NextDesk) keeps up the pace with their Terra Pro. Like the other Xdesk products such as the Xdesk Air, the Terra Pro is made from genuine and modern sustainable materials – an aluminum frame which is very rare compared to the standard steel, and sustainably sourced desktops.

This eco-friendly standing desk is loved for its maximum stability and smart and easy transitioning with its programmable memory controller.

As we look further into its specs, the Xdesk Terra Pro truly has a lot of impressive features to offer: fast lifting speed, smooth transition, sturdy build, and plenty of add-on products. This standing desk comes with a hefty price tag that you need to carefully consider – nevertheless, its outstanding quality makes up for the price.

Considering the features and overall design, can Xdesk Terra Pro compete with the high-end standing desk brands on the market? Is it the best standing desk for you? If you’re wondering how it scores in function and design, we’ll walk you through our in-depth review of the Xdesk Terra Pro.

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Xdesk Terra Pro Overview

Being a high end standing desk, the Xdesk Terra Pro is the type of desk that can be more or less customized to your exact wishes. It is one of very few 4-legged standing desks on the market, which makes it extremely sturdy and gives it a best-in-class weight capacity of 630 lbs.

Ergonomically speaking, I love the fact that you can add additional tiers (shelves) and a keyboard tray – making it easy to adjust the monitor height and keyboard tray as you work.

Product Specifications

Weight Capacity: 630 lbs
Lift Speed: 1.7 inches/ second
Type of Motor: Electric
Height Range: 24.3” to 50.5”
Width Range: 48” to 79”
Depth: 31.5”
Number of Legs: 4
Memory Presets: 3
Stability (Cross Support): Yes
Casters: None
Manufacturing Location: China/ Europe
Noise Output: 60 db
Warranty: 5 years

Our Overall Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Xdesk Terra Pro – Pros & Cons

The Pros

  • Stable and durable design
  • Programmable memory controller (3 presets)
  • Minimalist and eco-friendly design
  • Ergonomic artisan bar
  • Smooth and quick transition


  • Hefty price tag
  • Standard warranty coverage
  • Louder than other desks

See Xdesk Terra Pro Website

What Users Like About the XDesk Terra Pro

Stable and Durable Design

We find it pretty impressive how Xdesk elevated their design in one of their flagship standing desks, the Terra Pro. The four-legged structure is definitely one of its highlights that most users love. They rave about its maximum stability – shaking monitor screens won’t be a problem even when the height is being adjusted to its highest level.

The frame is engineered in a 45-degree geometry, each column is beautifully handcrafted with solid aluminum which reinforces the durability of this standing desk. Even its weight capacity of 630 lbs (the highest weight capacity on our comparison chart) can tell you a little bit about the build quality and sturdiness of the structure.

Programmable Memory Controller

As with many standing desks these days, the Xdesk Terra Pro comes with a programmable controller with 3 memory presets. The standard for a controller is generally 3 or 4 memory presets so the Terra Pro is no different.

In addition to this stunning feature is the LED digital display that gives you a clear view of the position you opt for. The buttons are also soft to touch making the controller easy to use.

Three memory presets are definitely a treat – although if you are switching height positions frequently or share the desk with someone else, you can check out the Autonomous SmartDesk 2: Business standing desk that has four programmable height options.

Xdesk controller terra pro
The controller allows for smooth transitions and programmable height settings.

Smooth and Quick Transition

With the adjustment speed of 1.7 inches per second, XDesk Terra Pro has one of the faster lifting speeds on the market. It transitions in a silky smooth glide and stops softly at the desired height. As there are individual motors enclosed in each column, there is no jolting and the transition is cohesive.

Although the Autonomous SmartDesk is a tough rival with its adjustment speed of 2.3 inches per second, we can say that the XDesk Terra Pro is not far off and has other benefits like its amazing weight capacity of 630 lbs.

Minimalist and Eco-friendly Design

The XDesk Terra Pro exhibits its own refined beauty from its smooth surface, beveled edges, and sleek aluminum frames. It unveils a modern design yet an understated elegance that perks up your office with a minimalist vibe.

XDesk also gives way to a more personalized approach in terms of overall design. It allows you to configure the desktop surface material and aluminum frames according to your style preference. You can choose from Bamboo, WoodFree straw-based material, and Oak Plantation in three different natural tones.

What’s nice about these materials is that they are all sustainable, making the XDesk Terra Pro an eco-friendly standing desk.

Xdesk Terra Pro desktop
A variety of sizes and desktop materials are available.

A wider and larger desktop surface is also an important feature for many users and XDesk makes their desktop size options up to 79 inches wide for Bamboo and up to 72 inches wide for Plantation Oak and WoodFree desktops.

If you are looking for something even wider than this, you are limited to only a few desks such as the EvoDesk Pro with a 83-inch maximum width (also another 4-legged desk), the iMovR Lander at 80 inches, and also the Uplift desk at 80 inches wide.

The aluminum frames can be customized according to your choice of finish: powder coat or anodized aluminum. You can also choose between glossy or matte finish in black, white, or silver to match your office interiors.

When it comes to the messy wirings and cables, this standing desk also features cable management to save you from all that chaos.

Xdesk offers a “Cable Management Vanity Cover” that conceals the cables and wirings while preserving the elegance and minimalist design of the desk. However, take note that this cable management is optional and must be purchased separately.

Ergonomic Artisan Bar

If you want to customize your Terra Pro with reinforced stability, perhaps their Artisan Bar would be a nice addition to consider. While it strengthens the support of this standing desk, many users like how the artisan bar can serve as a cozy footrest too.

It is specifically placed between the frames so it doesn’t really feel bothersome.

Unfortunately, the artisan bar is optional and requires an additional cost to have it installed on your desk. But despite the additional fee, many users found this add-on pretty awesome.

Xdesk Terra Pro artisan bar
The artisan bar is different to most crossbars as it is far lower down on the frame. Users like to use this one as a footrest.

XDesk Pulse

Another impressive feature we find in XDesk Terra Pro is the XDesk Pulse, a fitness program that runs real-time while you are shifting between sitting and standing positions.

This patented technology integrates with any PC or Mac and tracks and analyzes your performance like how many calories you’ve burned and even motivates you to work hard on your fitness objectives. Truly, this program encourages an active lifestyle and better health at your very own workspace.

When customizing your own XDesk Terra Pro, you can choose to add the XDesk Pulse for an extra $79.

Easy Assembly

Many users find the XDesk Terra Pro easy to assemble which can only take 30 to 45 minutes to put the pieces together.

But if you are looking for a zero-tool assembly, the iMovR Lander is another stunning standing desk that might suit your preference.

Additional Shelves and trays

If you see a photo of a fully decked-out Xdesk Terra Pro, you’ll notice the number of possible add-ons there are.

The ones we like most are the keyboard tray and the top shelf. If you don’t have a monitor arm for your standing desk, a good option can be an elevated platform for your monitors. This can help you bring your line of sight a little higher and take strain off your neck.

Not only this, it gives you a little extra space for storage on your desktop.

Xdesk Terra Pro tiers
You can turn your desk into a 3-tiered masterpiece, and even add a keyboard tray too. This gives you ergonomic and storage benefits.

A Few Factors to Consider

Hefty Price Tag

Loaded with tons of features, XDesk Terra Pro surprises the users with its remarkable performance but what surprises them the most is the price: it is expensive. For the basic setup, you need to spend over $2000 and the customization costs a lot more.

XDesk Terra Pro has a lot of useful accessories in store but each comes with a price tag that might just double the overall price. For example, the Vanity Cover Cable Management that we’ve mentioned before is optional and can be purchased at $147. If you also need an Ergonomic Keyboard Platform, you can have it on your Terra Pro at $327. They also offer a Single Monitor Arm that you can purchase separately at $197.

I mean, with just the price of these add-ons you can get a very good standing desk that won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

The nice thing is that you can tweak your XDesk Terra Pro using these add-ons and modify it with your own personal touch, but many will find the price a little prohibitive.

And if you’re still in search for a standing desk with maximum stability at a reasonable price point, we recommend the four-legged standing desk, Evodesk Pro – it is still a very high-quality desk, 4 legs, and similar customizability to the Xdesk Terra Pro, but with a slightly more palatable price tag.

Warranty Coverage

Typically, expensive standing desks are backed up with a long or even lifetime warranty coverage which can define the durability of the product and this factor somehow counterbalances the expensive price.

That’s why we find the 5-year limited warranty an underwhelming offer for a pricey standing desk such as the XDesk Terra Pro, unlike the iMovR Lander that is cheaper in price but comes with an extensive warranty coverage: lifetime warranty for the frame, 10 years for the motor parts, and 5 years for the desktop.

Noise Output

The Terra Pro standing desk operates with a noise output of 60 dB as it transitions to a designated height. Technically, this output rating is a little higher compared to other standing desks on the market, like the Evodesk Pro that runs at 45 dB and the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 – Business at 39 db.

Although the noise output looks like it could be another downside, users don’t seem to be bothered at all and found it reasonably discreet – in the end 60 dB is still extremely quiet.

Wrapping Up

There’s no denying that the XDesk Terra Pro is an innovation standing desk that deserves a spot in the vast array of the best standing desks today. It provides maximum stability with its sturdy four-legged structure, recalls ideal height positions with a programmable memory controller, and glides smoothly as it transitions.

The overall design also lends a simple yet contemporary tone that compliments a minimalist style.

Although it stands out with these stunning features, XDesk Terra Pro fails to impress with its expensive price. The wide range of add-ons is quite interesting and the idea of customizing your own standing desk allows you to accentuate your style and identity, but all these modifications seem pricey, not to mention the basic setup that costs over $2000.

Needless to say, XDesk Terra Pro is a high-end standing desk that exhibits a multifunctional and elegant design. Despite its price and other slight drawbacks in warranty and noise output, many users found it a good investment in their health and office life.

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