Xdesk Air Review: a high end standing desk

The Xdesk Air is a standing desk that is a trailblazer in the world of standing workstations.

Not only does it have the world’s thinnest desk surface at only 1/4th of an inch thickness, but it is also the only desktop in the world that is made of solid aluminum.

In fact, the manufacturers, the very popular Xdesk Company which are known for manufacturing high end standing workstations, compare the Air standing desk to a work of art!

Just to be clear, Xdesk was previously known as NextDesk before rebranding itself. Accordingly, the flagship model reviewed here, the Xdesk Air, is sometimes referred to as the NextDesk Air.

This sit-stand desk hits all the right spots – beauty, functionality, and quality – but it comes at a price…one of the highest price tags on the market to be more precise.

Let’s get the specifications out of the way, before looking deeper into the nitty-gritty details of this desk from the good to the bad.

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Xdesk Air Overview

Product Specifications

Adjustable height: 24 to 50.5 inches
Frame material: Aluminum (very rare)
Desktop material: Aluminum with glass top
Desktop width: 63.5 inches or 79 inches
Desktop depth: 31.5 inches
Desktop thickness: 0.25 inches
Legs: 2 offset legs
Crossbar: Standard bar or artisan bar
Adjustment mechanism: Electric
Weight capacity: 315 pounds
Adjustment speed: 1.7 inches per minute
Controller: 3 memory presets
Noise level: 60dB
Place of manufacture: USA
Warranty: 5 years
Add on options: Casters, Xdesk Pulse, Harmon Kardon integrated sound system, keyboard tray, anti-fatigue mat, monitor arm, leveling pads, vanity cover, under desk treadmill, under desk bike

Our Overall Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Xdesk Air – Pros & Cons

The Pros

  • Solid and durable build
  • Artisan crossbar
  • Great add-ons
  • Elegant desktop
  • Great overall stability
  • Good range of heights


  • Costly
  • Delivery issues

See Latest Xdesk Air Price

Features users love

Elegant desktop

As mentioned before, this is the first standing desk in the world to be manufactured with an aluminum desktop. This is probably the most curious and unique feature of the desk and one that makes it very different from others.

Its ultra-thin appearance of a mere 1/4 inch thickness makes the table top appear unique and classy. The aluminum desktop comes in 4 colors for you to choose from, Jet Black Gloss, Alpine White, Silver Matte, and Black Matte.

Xdesk Air desktop
The desktop is made of a solid piece of aluminum, and is only 0.25 inches thick. It is definitely the most stylish desktop on the market.

The matte options cost extra, $427 for the Silver Matte and $597 for Black Matte. Do note that the aluminum desktop is topped with a thin layer of glass. If the glass-topped table top does not sound appealing to you and you are looking for something made out of a more natural material, Xdesk offers a choice of bamboo or rubberwood tabletop with one of their other standing desk models, the Xdesk Terra.

The stylish appearance of this standing desk goes beyond the table top. The Xdesk Air sports a sleek and ultra clean look with no visible motors or wires, similar to most other high-end models. The motor is tucked away in one of the legs, and the height of the desk is adjusted using a discreet controller on the right-hand side – again pretty common among most good standing desks.

With 60 decibels of sound produced by the motor when adjusted, this is a relatively quiet desk that can move up and down at a speed of 1.7 inches per minute, making it one of the faster models on our list of 50+ standing desks reviewed.

Xdesk cable tray
You can also use the clever cable management to hide all the unsightly cables at the back of the desk

Solid and durable build

The use of aluminum is not limited to the desktop. From the legs, the frame, to the feet, the entire standing desk is made out of aluminum. In fact, the material used is the same stuff used in aerospace engineering. To say that it is durable would be an understatement! The choice of build material makes it a high-quality desk, allowing you to enjoy the feeling of luxury while using the desk, knowing that it will last you in the long run.

The heavy build also offers another advantage – minimal wobbling. This is a sturdy standing desk. Even with fast typing or gaming on the desk while standing up, users have found it to be stable without the annoying shaking that other desks are known to suffer from.

Speaking of standing heights, the Xdesk Air has a wide range of height adjustability from 24 inches to 50.5 inches. Optimum height placement is very important when using a standing desk as the height of the desk will significantly influence your posture.

The wide height range makes the Xdesk Air suitable for both short people when sitting at the desk to tall people when standing. If you would like to find out more about other standing desks that suit tall people, check out our list of 6 best standing desks for a tall person.

This sturdiness allows the Xdesk Air to support a generous weight capacity of 315 pounds, sufficient for most users. In case you are looking for a standing desk with a truly outstanding weight capacity, we suggest an upgrade to the Xdesk Air Pro, which has a weight capacity of a whopping 630 pounds.

The Air Pro is one of the 4-legged standing desk models, like the Evodesk, and these extra legs add even more weight capacity and overall sturdiness.

Another important factor to be aware of is the shipping weight of the Xdesk Air. As the shipped weight can reach 290 pounds, the standing desk is delivered on a shipping pallet. An extra pair of hands is almost necessary; it would be rather difficult for you to handle this package on your own. Assembly is straightforward with the Xdesk Air and there are plenty of downloadable brochures to help you out.

Xdesk frame and dimensions
The Xdesk Air is a large desk with a solid frame.

Artisan crossbar

In some of our previous standing desk reviews, we have found complaints about the placement of the crossbar. Indeed, even if a crossbar adds stability, it can get in the way when sitting down. Xdesk has thought of a solution that is both effective and looks good, the accurately named ‘artisan bar’.

Instead of going across the desk and below the desktop as a standard crossbar does, the artisan bar is attached to the bottom feet of the desk. It then curves up in a 90 degree angle to provide stability while looking like a work of abstract art. It is also made out of recycled aluminum alloy, a strong material that is environmentally friendly and sure to last. Plus, the shape and positioning of this bar makes it a convenient footrest! Of course, the pleasure of enjoying the artisan bar on your Xdesk Air will cost you extra, $497 extra to be precise.

That being said, even without the artisan bar, the standard crossbar is still a good feature.

Xdesk artisan crossbar
The Xdesk artisan crossbar is a clever way of having the stability of a crossbar without it getting in the way.

Great add-ons

If you are the kind of person who likes to accessorize, you will love the Xdesk Air. There are quite a few interesting add-ons to choose from. My personal favorite would be the Xdesk Pulse, also known as the NextDesk Pulse.

This is a health-oriented computer program compatible with both Mac and Windows that allows you to use the standing desk to meet your fitness goals.

It collects detailed stats about how many times you stand or sit, the duration of standing, and the number of calories you have burned, great for those of you looking to shed a few pounds. Based on your daily routine, you can then set goals in the app to keep challenging yourself towards better health.

Other features of the Pulse program include sit-stand reminders, 3 preset positions, goal reminders and a display of the desk height. Finally, you can also raise or lower the desk from your PC using this app, particularly handy so if you don’t want to take your eyes off the screen!

Xdesk keyboard tray
A solid add-on keyboard tray which allows for perfect ergonomic posture.

Another cool add-on option for the Xdesk Air standing desk is the Integrated Harmon Kardon Sound System. If your work requires audio or if you simply just love music, you will know the annoyances of having a sound system on a standing desk. It adds weight, takes up space, and can look messy.

Well, with the Harmon Kardon sound system add-on, there will be no more chunky speakers and wires cluttering up your desktop. The subwoofer is set up underneath the desk to direct sound downwards, so the sound doesn’t echo off your walls. It is also completely transparent, giving it a subtle but futuristic appearance.

There are also more conventional add-ons to choose from such as casters, monitor arm, keyboard tray, anti-fatigue mat, and leveling pads. These are also highly recommended, especially the anti-fatigue mat for more comfort while standing. The leveling pads are also particularly useful if you experience wobbling or shakiness when using the desk at higher heights. They work by fixing uneven flooring and providing extra stability.

Xdesk freeport
There are many add-ons like the freeport charging docks.

Possible downsides


At the official retail price of over $2000, the Xdesk Air is not something you buy on a whim.

It can be hard to say if the beauty and quality of this desk actually justify the cost. One thing is sure, if you view it as an investment piece to keep with you over the years, it may be well worth it. There is a reasonable warranty period of 5 years, so you are covered should anything go wrong with the standing desk within that time frame.

Apart from that, Xdesk also has a monthly payment system, which allows you to space out your payments and ease the burden on your wallet.

If costs are an issue, rest assured that there are plenty of standing desks out there that can get the job done at a fraction of the price with very similar specs, such as the Uplift 2 Leg Desk for under $1000 or even the StandDesk Pro Adjustable Height Standing Desk.

The latter has similar dimensions, a better weight capacity than the Xdesk Air, but with a slightly slower adjustment speed.

Xdesk pulse
Another add-on is the Pulse, a computer program linked to your desk.

Delivery issues

Delivery times are relatively long with the Xdesk Air. The official Xdesk website provides a delivery estimate of 4 weeks, but some reviews have mentioned users having to wait much longer than that for the desk to arrive. Delivery is also charged extra, adding on costs to an already expensive standing desk.

Although this thread on Reddit is a few years old now, it does make you think twice about the customer service of Xdesk.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a top of the range high end standing desk that is functional and beautiful, the Xdesk Air is a good choice. This is a premium standing workstation that makes a design statement no matter where you place it and as we all know, luxury is never cheap.

For me the desk itself is high-quality and certainly a top range standing desk. The question I would ask myself is whether or not I could find the same quality for a cheaper price. Also, am I happy to buy from a brand which has had some negative reviews surrounding their deliveries and customer service? In the end, the concerns have nothing to do with the integrity of the desk.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you and your expectations from your standing desk.

Do you need something truly artistic and beautiful regardless of cost? Are you in the market for a mid-range model that looks good, functions well but doesn’t break the bank? Or do you simply need a basic standing desk to experiment with at minimal cost?

Either way, the perfect standing desk for you is out there and we hope our reviews bring you one step closer to finding it.

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