Evodesk Pro 4-Leg Standing Desk Review

Branded as a premium and sustainable model with a ton of optional features, the Evodesk Pro gives us a glimpse of just how multi-functional standing desks can be. And although its price and the overall utility of the add-ons are up for discussion, the Evodesk Pro is a step in the right direction in terms of forward-thinking design.

At over $1000 for just the basic setup with no extras, Evodesk would definitely fit into the “premium” level of standing desk, along with other brands like iMovR. It does come with some pretty impressive stats which help back up the high price tag, however, it also has some downsides that you wouldn’t hope to see with a desk of this caliber.

So let’s see what makes this desk tick and what users of the Evodesk Pro have to say.

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Evodesk Pro Overview

Product Specifications

Desktop Size: 48 – 84″ W x 30″ D
Lift Capacity: 500 lbs
Lift Speed: 1.5″ per second
Adjustable Height Range 23.75″ to 49.5″
Noise Output: 45 dB
Number of Legs: 4
Leg Positioning: 45 degree angle
Lifting Mechanism: Electric Controller with 3-Stage Lifting
Contoller: basic up/down as standard, or paid add-on 4 memory setting console
Manufacturing Location: China
Warranty: 5 years for frame, 2 Years for motor

Our Overall Rating: 3.3 out of 5 stars (3.3 / 5)

Evodesk Pro frame
The Evodesk Pro boasts a robust 4-legged frame, capable of lifting up to 500 lbs.

ApexDesk Flex Series – Pros & Cons

The Pros

  • Durable and stable design
  • Decent warranty period
  • Numerous options and accessories
  • Sustainable materials


  • Steep price tag
  • Not all options are useful
  • Customer service is lacking
  • Difficulties in assembling

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What Users Like About Evodesk Pro

Sustainable Materials

The Evodesk Pro strives for quality construction without ignoring the need for environmental consciousness. Thus, the company opts for ‘real’ materials instead of their plastic counterparts. Plantation oak and bamboo are some of the natural materials they use for their standings desks.

Sustainability also applies with their finishing process. Evodesk uses solvent-free wood finishing products, which reduces the amount of environmental pollution they contribute with every piece of furniture produced. Plus, their products pass the emission standard of the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Durable and Stable Design

Standing workstations need to remain in their position not only to prevent the items from falling but also to avoid damaging the floor. To do this, Evodesk equally allocated the weight on the Pro model between the front and the back. Along with the four columns, this 50/50 distribution gives the Evodesk Pro its remarkable stability.

The lifting columns themselves feature a distinctive look with their 45-degree positioning, which is unlike the usual leg arrangement that’s parallel to the base. While some might not like the visual appearance, these columns of the Evodesk Pro do provide more lateral stability. Microprocessors and four motors — at 18 volts each — ensure that this height adjustable desk moves at a steady pace.

On the other hand, the subframe is made of high-quality steel tubing, which isn’t as heavy as we expected. It’s solid and much tougher than tempered steel, but it doesn’t feel bulky. You can choose among three colors for the powder coat finish, all of which make the frame resistant to dust, moisture, and wear and tear. And lastly, there are eight cross members stabilizing the desk under heavy load.

45 degree legs Evodesk Pro
The 45 degree angle on the legs is an innovative feature to add more lateral stability.

Decent Warranty Period

The Evodesk Pro offers a five-year limited warranty for the frame and a two-year warranty for the motors. This is as long as those provided for other standing desks such as the FlexiSpot E1 Single Motor standing desk and the Varidesk Prodesk 60 electric standing desk. And while it seems disappointing that a premium-priced standing desk has the same warranty period of much cheaper models, it’s worth noting that you can extend your warranty.

In order to avail of this option, you need to either call their customer service or ask for it upon checkout. Just how many years do you get? Between three to six years, which means that the longest warranty period for the Evodesk Pro is 11 years.

There’s also the standard 30-day satisfaction guarantee. As long as you have the receipt and its packaging materials, you can return the Evodesk Pro and get a refund. You receive the total amount you paid for unless you had it shipped. In this case, the amount will be deducted with the shipping cost.

Numerous Options and Accessories

The Evodesk Pro is made to accommodate a variety of options and accessories, over 30 of them! For one, you can get the EVO CPU mount to keep the CPU away from the floor surface. It accommodates CPUs ranging from 3.25 to 9.25 inches in width. It’s entirely made up of steel and is capable of handling as much as 60 pounds.

And if you always have to deal with a bunch of USB cables and other connectors, you should consider getting the EvoFlex Cable Sleeves. These sleeves are capable of expanding 1.5 times their original size, which allows them to accommodate more than a dozen wires. With EvoFlex, the standing desk retains its clean design even if it’s filled with devices.

Take a look at all the different accessory options here.

Evodesk Pro accessories
As you can see the Evodesk Pro comes with a wide array of options.

Concerns that some users had

Steep Price Tag

The cost of the Evodesk Pro doesn’t make it an attractive option for those new to standing desks or anyone on a budget. With a starting price of over $1000 (before you add any accessories), it’s far from being an entry-level model. If you are convinced that you need a four-legged standing desk, the Uplift 4-leg desk is the more economical choice at under $1000. Then again, you could lessen the immediate burden by getting the monthly payment options.

Moreover, you have to spend more on the options and accessories. Getting a clear glass surface already adds a $159 while the Ergo Keyboard Platform costs $139 — and this is bumped to $149 if you choose the slate grey color. And while Evodesk offers an extended warranty, you’d have to shell out an additional $149 to get three more years or an extra $299 for the 11-year total.

Not All Options Are Useful Enough

We commend the fact that there are more than 30 options and accessories for the Evodesk Pro, but sometimes it seems that this is more for show than a conscious effort to make the stand-up desk more functional.

For example, there’s the $89 Freeport and the $139 Free Port Plus, both of which are just exclusive power decks placed underneath the frame. One could easily get cheaper extension cords and hang them in the same area. And while the $999 Treadmill System allows you to walk at a brisk pace while you’re on your computer, you can definitely get a better under desk treadmill for a cheaper price.

Similarly, the Evo cable management tray and the Evodesk HighRise seem like they should have already been built-in features rather than $99 and $149 add-ons, respectively. After all, standing desks are commonly used for laptops and PCs.

Evodesk Pro power bank
The power bank is one of the options that doesn’t seem to be worth it in our opinions.

Customer Service is Lacking

The warranty and the option to extend it are fine, but here’s the catch: The customer service is not known for being the best. It’s disappointing because the Evodesk website looks enticing enough to anyone looking for a new adjustable standing desk, yet there are hiccups once you have bought a product.

For one, there have been complaints that the items aren’t always readily available for purchase even if the website says otherwise. Calling their customer service means having to wait up to several weeks just to get a response clarifying that the standing desk wasn’t in stock.

We obviously don’t want to paint a terrible picture of the company’s customer service before using it ourselves, but certain clues we found online has given us a fair idea that there is room for improvement. You only have to read some people’s opinions on Reddit to see for yourself.

Difficulties in Assembling

The Evodesk Pro does have pre-drilled holes to help you assemble the standing desk in no time. The only problem is that it doesn’t always take all your options and accessories into account. For example, if you get the cable management tray and the CPU mount, you might not get the pre-drilled holes for the latter.

You may have to conduct the necessary measurements yourself and then drill the holes. Worse, any screw holes you do find have been said to not always be aligned. Some of the add-ons that you have to set up yourself also don’t have all their assembly parts, which means you have to spend more to buy them somewhere else.

With all these assembly issues, it seems like the better option would be to make them yourself. If you have the materials and the tools, you’re better off following a DIY tutorial. It’s going to be much cheaper and you won’t have to wait for incomplete accessories.

Is the Evodesk Pro for You?

With the pros and cons laid out, should you get the Evodesk Pro? The first determining factor here is your budget. You have to be willing to spend a fair amount on this premium standing desk. Once you factor in add-ons, the Evodesk Pro becomes one of the most expensive on the market.

I think the major pro for the Evodesk Pro is the customizability. You can essentially choose to create a desk from scratch (or near to it) any which way you like. This is unlike other desks which often come pre-made. Also, although the 4-leg design isn’t for everyone, it definitely adds extra stability and capacity for those who need those features.

There are, however, cheaper four-column standing desks: you can choose between the Uplift Desk that we mentioned before and the Vivistand Quattro, which both start at below $1000 — cheaper than the Evodesk Pro.

The biggest drawback, in my opinion, is the support (or supposed lack-there-of) which as a consumer would make me think twice about making the purchase. Although you can argue that having a decent warranty time and a money-back guarantee does alleviate some of the concerns in this department.

Final Thoughts

The Evodesk Pro passes tests of durability and stability with flying colors, and we must applaud the attempt to lead the pack in trying out a peculiar column design to promote further stability.

Unfortunately, it seems from our research that the Evodesk Pro has room for improvement in terms of after-sales service and product consistency. Its vision of a highly customizable standing desk is worth recognizing and is one that we admire, but we also believe the price to pay for this high level of customizability may not need to be so high.

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