ErgoTron WorkFit-S Dual Standing Desk Converter Review

Have you ever worked from an uncomfortable position day in and out? We’ve all been there, and most office equipment is not designed to be ergonomic.

While there are several different ways you can make your work area more comfortable; standing desk converters are at the top of our list.

The ErgoTron WorkFit Dual standing desk converter is built for consumers that prefer two screens instead of one, and it’s a product that’s received quite a bit of praise through the online shopping sites. That inspired us to dig a little deeper, and here’s what we think about this dynamic mounted standing desk converter.

Quick Overview


  • Effortless to raise or lower
  • Works on multiple surfaces
  • Folding keyboard tray
  • 360-degree rotation
  • 5-year warranty


  • No tilt or pan for screens
  • Can’t use with middle-drawer desks
  • Tricky assembly

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Build Quality

ErgoTron Workfit-S style
The ErgoTron is a high-quality build and comes in a beautiful white as well as the traditional black finish.

Ergotron is well-known for their ergonomic office products, and the WorkFit-S Dual certainly fits that description. It’s adjustable in several vital areas, but before we get to the features, we need to look at the build quality. The best standing desk converter is useless if it shakes while you type or can’t handle your monitor.

Thankfully, neither of those areas are a concern with this one…

The WorkFit-S Dual is made in China and has plenty of plastic parts, but it’s sturdy with a reasonable weight limit as long as you don’t have massive monitors.

The desk clamp will work with any surface edge between .47 to 2.4” which covers most standard desks sizes in offices along with home offices.

This means the desk should be perfect for most folks, and it’s one of the perks of this system as it allows you to transform a variety of surfaces into an ergonomic workspace. A regular desktop converter can’t pull that off (they often require more space to be placed on), and you lose a lot more desk surface with those styles compared to clamp-based models. Just keep in mind that the desk converter will only hold up to 25 lbs.

Weight and Size Limits

This mounted standing desk converter has a weight limit of up to 12 pounds each for the monitors. They follow the standard VESA MIS-D mounting pattern and can handle monitors with a maximum outside width of 24.5” that are no more than 2” thick.

The keyboard tray and work surface are capable of coping with 5 pounds as well. The keyboard holder measures 27″W x 9″D x 0.25″H which is an acceptable size, most of the time. Unfortunately, it’s a little small if you have one of the options from our best ergonomic keyboard list like the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard which is 11” deep.

You also need to consider mouse placement as your keyboard may not leave enough room for your favorite mouse pad or ergoomic mouse.

As for the work area, it’s linked to the keyboard tray which is understandable but may be a turn off for some. You can’t move them independently although you can fold the keyboard tray out of the way when not in use.

Main Features

ErgoTron workfit-s clamp
The most notable feature is the clamp: works with most traditional desks and leaves plenty of desk space.

While we touched on a few features describing this desk, it’s a capable unit with some cool little perks. The first would be the smooth motion when you’re making an adjustment which comes courtesy of the company’s patented Constant Force lifting technology.

This feature allows you to quickly find the perfect angle to suit your needs, and the ability to fold they keyboard tray up is nice as well. You can move the screens independently to a degree, and while you won’t get tilt or pan, you do get 360-degree rotation from the ErgoTron WorkFit Dual.

On that note…

If you do need to share a screen with a coworker, they sell a hinged bow accessory that allows you to swivel. It inexpensive compared to the price of the system itself, but we’re a little disappointed to see it wasn’t included with that in mind. That particular piece is also difficult to track down as well considering it was discontinued, so eBay is your best bet.

We’re pleased to say the keyboard tray tilts and is relatively stable by most customer accounts. If you tend to bang on the keys, you will get a little wobble, however, due to the design. Just like with the size and depth of the tray, it’s an area to keep in serious consideration as everyone has different needs.

Tech Specs

ErgoTron keyboard
The keyboard promotes great ergonomic typing posture.

While we told you how much weight the monitor mounts can hold, there are several tech specs you will want to consider.

The lift range is arguably the most important one, and the WorkFit-S Dual allows you to lift your monitors a total of 22.8″. The manufacturer says to install them at a 3 to 8-degree angle for optimized viewing performance, but other factors obviously play a part in your viewing experience like your height and distance from the display.

The lift range on the keyboard and monitors in tandem is 18″ which leads us to another minor issue you may encounter. Depending on your current setup and what you need, you may have to buy longer cables to use with the ErgoTron WorkFit Dual standing desk converter. There is a measure of cable routing available, but you’ll probably want to beef that up.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the fact you can install the keyboard in nine different positions (further left or right, as well as closer or further away from the screens) in addition to its back-tilt capabilities. The work surface doesn’t do anything special, but is handy and measures 0.25″H x 23″W x 15″D.

The Good…

This standing desk converter is well-made and will accommodate a wide variety of monitors. It has all the standard features you would expect from a clamp standing desk and is very easy to adjust.

We also like the style as it will look good with any desktop along with the clamp which works on other surfaces a well. Overall, consumers found this stand easy to use and able to alleviate some issues brought on by repetitive motion or strain.

Ergotron Compacted
Many users like the ErgoTron as a compacted seated desk as well as a standing desk.

The Bad…

As with any product, there are a few things we felt could be handled better with this one. A wider, sturdier keyboard tray would have been nice for those of us with larger keyboards.

Cable management is mediocre, and if you’re tall, you may want to look at ergonomic desks for taller folks.

The user manual is relatively easy to understand, but you’ll want to set aside some time to put this beast together and may need an extra set of hands to boot.

Final Thoughts

The ErgoTron WorkFit Dual standing desk converter is the ideal solution for consumers with dual monitors that want ergonomic benefits whether you’re standing or sitting.

We like the fact you won’t need to alter your desk, and it will work with many other stable surfaces as well. While the price tag may seem steep, it’s something that can quickly pay for itself when your productivity begins to rise.

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