Best Under Desk Footrest for Office [Reviews + Buying Guide]

Are you looking for the best ergonomic footrest for your office? If you haven’t heard already, they’re a great product for an ergonomic office setup.

Some people may pick based on the price alone, but there are many other factors to consider.

Remember: The ideal under desk footrest for one person may not be the same for another, so it’s important to read up before getting one for yourself.

This is also an ergonomic footrest buying guide.

Do you want to know what sets this type of footrest apart from the usual footstool?

And what exactly are its benefits?

With our guide, you’ll learn why a footrest is an essential part of an ergonomic setup — whether it’s for personal or professional use.

Best Ergonomic Footrest for Office

This guide is meant to help you in two ways. For one, it offers a list of the six best ergonomic footrests in the market — one of which may best suit your needs and preferences. Plus, each of our picks has its own quick yet informative review.

1. Well Desk Rest My Sole Footrest

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Well Desk Rest My Sole footrest



  • Neutral, minimalist design
  • Removable cover
  • Anti-skid surface improves stability
  • Good feel on bare feet


  • No inner foam lining
  • The foam may be too soft for some users

What Users Like

Its name is rather unusual and playful, but this ergonomic footrest sports a classic look with its neutral gray color. There is a hint of bright blue text on one side. Still, this model won’t get much attention, which is a good thing. A footrest shouldn’t attract looks — it’s more about function than aesthetics.

Furthermore, you have the option to remove the cover if it builds up dust and stains. This is likely to happen if you use the Well Desk Rest My Sole with your shoes on more than just with socks or your bare feet. You can take the cover away for a machine wash and then have it air-dried.

Another good thing with the cover is its zipper placement. There are other ergonomic footrests with the cushion zippers located at the bottom. This tends to scratch floors, especially those made of hardwood. In contrast, the cover here is at the edge to prevent contact with the floor.

Similarly, the Well Desk Rest My Sole is great at staying in place. Its anti-skid feature ensures that you can comfortably move your feet around — a big deal for people who often fidget. You change the position of your feet without having the footrest slide away from its position.

In particular, those who have hardwood floors can rest easy; this ergonomic footrest proves to be slip-resistant. Moreover, the surface feels good. It has a smooth, velvet-like aspect to it.

What Users Don’t Like

One issue that may affect its long-term reliability is its lack of an inner lining. Underneath the cover, there’s no protective lining to keep the cushion in good shape when you do take out the cover. When the foam is exposed for too long without its cover, it will deteriorate in quality.

In addition, not everyone is pleased with how comfortable the Well Desk Rest My Sole is. One can argue that it is too soft to support one’s feet for many hours at the office. Even just a bit of pressure could cause the foam to flatten, which isn’t good if you want some relief for your feet.

One way this footrest could have been better if it was at least six inches in height. That would have made it provide more support even with how soft the cushioning is. Still, some people may actually prefer this kind of foam than one that is too firm.

2. Office Ottoman Footrest

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Office Ottoman footrest



  • Optimal four-inch height
  • Decent width for spreading out your feet
  • Firm yet comfortable cushioning
  • Does not make any noise


  • Temporary rubber smell
  • Zipper placement is not ideal

What Users Like

The four-inch height of the Well Desk Rest My Sole wasn’t exactly a good thing due to how soft the cushioning was. But for the Office Ottoman Foot Rest, the height is quite perfect.

The foam had a good balance of comfort and firmness.

The foam does not sink if you apply just a slight or moderate pressure. This ensures that your feet get the support they need throughout the day. One way to use the Office Ottoman is to place it with the flat side facing above — allowing you to move your feet back and forth.

Continuous movement isn’t a problem either. There are small tread grips made out of natural rubber to keep the footrest from slipping. Plus, these microbead grips do more than preventing slips. If you place the grips in an inverted position, they can help massage your sore feet.

The Office Ottoman is covered in plastic — but you don’t have to remove this. The plastic does not cause any discernible noise when you use the footrest. In addition, keeping it clean is easier. Simply wipe the dirt away from the plastic. If you do take the plastic off, you can always wash the removable cover.

Also, the foam itself is great in terms of cleanliness. It’s a medical-grade type that has antimicrobial properties. Plus, there’s no reason to worry if you have any allergies; the foam here is completely hypoallergenic.

Moreover, the height of the Office Ottoman Foot Rest gives you ample space for movement even if you also use a seat cushion. And at 11.5 inches in length, your feet have enough space to move forward and backward. Similarly, its width of 17.5 inches is far more generous than the average footrest.

What Users Don’t Like

A minor gripe people have with the Office Ottoman is its rubbery smell. It’s most noticeable once you unpack the footrest from the box. It’s not a terrible odor, but it’s also not one you’d like to have around the office — especially if the door is always shut. Thankfully, the smell fades away after a few days.

In addition, the placement of the zipper pull isn’t ideal. Unlike the Well Desk Rest My Sole, this one has it at the bottom. In other words, your floor may suffer from scratches in the long run. If you have a hardwood floor, consider getting a carpet for protection.

3. ErgoFoam Ergonomic Footrest

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Ergofoam under desk footrest



  • High-quality velvet cover
  • Firm and comfortable foam
  • Sufficient grip on the surface
  • Lifetime warranty and 60-day money back guarantee


  • Not very portable
  • Initial chemical smell

What Users Like

One thing people realize in an instant with the ErgoFoam model is how rich the velvet cover feels, particularly when in contact with socks or bare feet. There’s no question of its quality. In addition, the footrest has a firm yet soft cushion. The support is good enough that one could even use it on their back.

People of short stature will find great relief in this ergonomic footrest. You can stay in front of your desk for four hours straight and not feel the pressure build up. Simply put, the high-density foam of this ErgoFoam footrest benefits not only your feet but also other parts such as your legs and your back.

Furthermore, the ergonomic footrest has decent grip; it won’t move around on a hardwood surface. But just to be sure, we recommend placing a rug on the floor. ErgoFoam offers good customer support. Apart from a 60-day money back guarantee, you can also take advantage of their lifetime limited warranty.

What Users Don’t Like

In truth, the ErgoFoam Ergonomic Foot Rest doesn’t have any serious problems. It’s a fantastic product with just a couple of slight issues. First, it’s not exactly a portable footrest. It’s not heavy at all as it’s barely 0.4 kilograms in weight, but its shape isn’t fit for a usual backpack or bookbag.

A footrest that is easy to carry around is beneficial for many people. If you often have business flights or you work in different coffee shops as an online freelancer, a portable footrest helps you stay relaxed no matter the location. But due to the shape of the ErgoFoam variant, you may have to leave it in one place.

This footrest also has the same issue as the Well Desk Rest My Sole. There’s a chemical odor that lingers around when it’s just new — but will last for just a day or two. Other than that, the ErgoFoam is guaranteed to provide you all-day support.

4. Ergonomic Innovations Office Footrest

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Ergonomic Innovations footrest



  • Excellent grip
  • Well-designed zip case
  • Decent five-inch height for both short and tall people
  • Slanted arc for multi-level resting


  • Foam not firm enough for some

What Users Like

Despite its name, the Ergonomic Innovations Office Foot Rest also works well whether you’re at home or on a flight. It looks similar to the Office Ottoman, but that one has a black cover. This one features a dark gray color. Still, both of them feature the soft dots that massage your feet and relieve stress.

Likewise, the footrest has a commendable grip. You won’t see it budging away from its position, especially if it’s on a carpeted surface. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s fixed in one location. You can move it if you want, but it will stay when you need it to — all thanks to the aforementioned silicone dots.

It’s worth noting that the footrest isn’t entirely slip-resistant. It will stay in place on most surfaces including hardwood floors, but you’re better off looking for a fixed variant if the surface in your area is more slippery than the average floor. And speaking of hardwood, it’s safe from scratches since the zipper is located around the edges.

Unlike the first three footrests on the list, this one neither features a four-inch or a five-inch high foam. Instead, the Ergonomic Innovations Office Foot Rest is at the middle ground of five inches. It won’t provide as much desk clearance as the four-inch variants, but there is still enough space.

In addition, five inches gives tall users sufficient support. The height will allow them to position their hips in a comfortable manner. Furthermore, the footrest features a slanted arc, which means that you can position your feet at various levels.

What Users Don’t Like

The Ergonomic Innovations Office Foot Rest has the same issue as the Well Desk Rest My Sole. While some are okay with the cushioning of the footstool, others find it to too soft — it sinks with even a hint of pressure. But aside from this, there’s also just the chemical odor that eventually goes away.

5. Nekmit Adjustable Footrest

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Nekmit under desk footrest



  • 18-inch width with adjustable height
  • Firm cushioning
  • Portable design
  • One-year limited warranty


  • Cover prone to dust accumulation
  • Pieces occasionally separate from each other

What Users Like

A width of 17 inches is good enough for most people — this is enough for them to spread their feet at the office. But the Nekmit goes a little bit further and goes for 18 inches. This one-inch increase is significant, especially for people with big feet.

However, perhaps the best part about this ergonomic footrest is that you can pick a height — just like with a height adjustable desk. If you’re a person of short status, just opt for the four-inch component. And if you want to maximize the desk clearance, use the piece that’s just two inches tall. For taller people, just combine the two pieces to get a maximum height of six inches. It’s a great adjustable footrest.

The cushion is firm enough to prevent sinking. The bigger, half-cylinder piece features a non-skid bottom, which keeps it in place as long as you utilize the adjustable straps. As for the smaller, two-inch cuboid cushion, you can use it as a seat cushion or for back support if you don’t need a six-inch footstool.

In addition, the Nekmit is portable. This isn’t only because you can separate the footstool into two pieces but also because there is a handle on the side — it’s designed with transportation in mind. And if you want to fidget around with ease, you can do so by turning the footrest upside down. Lastly, there’s a one-year limited warranty to take care of any defects or replacement needs.

What Users Don’t Like

The Nekmit does have a durable nylon cover, but the problem is that it accumulates dust pretty quick. You can remove it to wash and hang dry, but a dust-resistant cover would have made this a perfect product. Likewise, the two pieces will separate often if you don’t pay attention to how they are strapped.

These cons are far from dealbreakers. In fact, the sheer flexibility of the Nekmit more than makes up for them. It’s not easy finding a firm, portable, and adjustable footrest that can cater to people of different stature.

6. Eureka Adjustable Footrest

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Eureka adjustable footrest



  • Stays in place
  • Durable construction
  • Tilting feature
  • No chemical odor


  • No spring tension
  • Lacks tilt-lock feature

What Users Like

The Eureka Ergonomic Footrest is the odd one in terms of appearance. While the other top picks feature soft or firm cushions, this one has a flat, rectangular stepping platform. One similarity it does have with some of the entries is its small, circular dots to massage your feet. Also, this one is adjustable and tiltable so you can adjust the angle of your feet while you use it.

Furthermore, this footstool is on the heavier side. At 4.7 pounds, this is much less portable than the others — but this weight gives it more stability. It helps that the metal frame is designed with stability in mind. Your floor won’t have any damage despite the weight since its feet is entirely scratch-resistant.

Unlike some of the footrests, this does not have a chemical or rubbery odor. It does have rubber components, but how it’s manufactured eliminates any discernible smell. And if you tend to fidget, you can rock the Eureka back and forth at an angle between zero and 20 degrees.

What Users Don’t Like

The tilting feature is a splendid idea, but it would have been better with spring tension. Without this component, the plate does not push back if you tilt to the front or to the back. This makes it a bit less satisfying if you like to fidget with your feet and legs. Likewise, a tilt-lock mechanism would have kept it in the same angle and position if you wanted it to do so.

Under desk footrest buying guide

What is an Ergonomic Footrest?

The typical footrest has been around for a long time. Its basic function was for the feet to feel rested while the individual stays on their seat. But the ergonomic type is a fairly recent development — brought about by significant changes in the office environment.

As more companies realize the value of ergonomics in the workplace, manufacturers had to improve the standard footrest. Thus, what sets an ergonomic footrest apart is that it’s not designed with just comfort in mind. This is why soft cushions are inferior to firm cushions — not the other way around.

An ergonomic footrest has to provide a firm yet comfortable feel. Your feet should not sink into the footrest. Otherwise, it won’t help alleviate issues associated with your leg and lower back. And when you’re not in good shape, you become tired very often. Simply put, your productivity is affected.

But with an ergonomic footrest, you can keep your feet firm and help you sit properly. Likewise, such a footrest takes the office environment in mind. It usually features a non-skid bottom section and a contemporary, neutral look. You can use it whether you’re barefooted or still wearing your work shoes.

Benefits of using ergonomic footrests

1. Complements Other Ergonomic Products

An ergonomic footrest is good for your feet, legs, and lower back, but that’s not the only item you should have at the office. The best way to ensure comfort and productivity is to invest in an ergonomic office. Having a footrest along with a standing workstation will work wonders for your work and your health.

2. Improve Circulation

The circulation of blood in your body is essential because your organs need a constant supply of oxygen. When you move around, you help the blood flow. Thankfully, ergonomic footrests encourage active sitting. Their design allows you to fidget with your feet and legs whenever you want.

3. Great Comfort

We mentioned that ergonomic footrests aren’t supposed to be too soft, but that doesn’t mean they should not be comfortable. The best ones know how to balance a firm yet comfortable feel. With the right amount of support, you feel less body pain from having to sit around for hours on end each day.

4. Good for Short People

One problem people of short stature have is that their feet often sometimes do not reach the floor. This is usually the case if the seat is too high. But with a footrest of sufficient height, they can rest their feet on a firm cushion and still have enough desk clearance.

5. Better Overall Health

Apart from aiding your blood circulation, an ergonomic footrest also relieves the pressure on both your legs and your lower back. It could effectively reduce the likelihood of blood clots and varicose veins. And overall, it helps you develop a better posture and a more active sitting behavior for the long run.

Features to look for in a footrest

1. Portability

If you prefer to take your footrest with you, choose one that is lightweight — and preferably one with a built-in handle. Ergonomic footrests that also come in separate pieces mean that they are more flexible in terms of storage. Likewise, a compact design will help you carry it with you with ease.

2. Stability

Get an ergonomic footrest that knows when to stay in place. Even if you apply pressure or move your feet to the front or back, the footrest should not budge from its location. Look for models with an anti-skid feature. In particular, check if they won’t slip on the type of surface your office floor has.

3. Pressure Relief

While it’s good that the cushioning is firm and that the cover is smooth, it would also help if it can massage your feet. An ergonomic footrest with microbeads or a ribbed pattern will not only keep you relaxed but it will also improve circulation. On a similar note, footrests with a non-flat surface and a tilt feature will keep you moving and aid in the blood flow.

4. Durability and Maintenance

An ergonomic footrest is usually around 20 dollars. It’s not that much compared to other ergonomic products such as adjustable standing desks, but it should still withstand regular use. A footrest with a removable cover means that you can keep it clean as long as you wash it properly. Ideally, the cover should have anti-microbial and anti-dust features.

Check the quality of the cushion. It should remain firm even with pressure applied for several hours on a daily basis. If it’s a two-piece footrest, the straps should be tough even if you secure the parts as tight as possible. Moreover, see if the company offers a money back guarantee and a warranty.

5. Adjustability

Last but definitely not least, adjustability is important in choosing an ergonomic footrest. Fixed height is alright if you found the right height for your stature and desk clearance requirements. But if you’re not the only one using the footrest, you should get one with an adjustable height feature.

Even if you’re the only user, an adjustable footrest is still great. It allows you to find the right height regardless of the chair available for your regular or full standing desk. Thus, you could comfortably use it on a flight or at home.

Summing it all up

If you’re looking for the best ergonomic footrest, you have to identify your needs and preferences. Check your height and inspect your workspace — the desk, the chair, the floor type.

Do you need the footrest just for work at the office or will you take it to many places? Would you like a singular, solid footrest or one that comes in two pieces?

Under desk footrests are beneficial to everyone, especially in the contemporary workplace.
However, not all products can excel in multiple aspects with little to no disadvantages.

Hopefully, our guide will help you narrow down your choices and get the ergonomic footrest that suits you the most.

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