ApexDesk AirDesk Series Review

If you have been looking for ergonomic office furniture recently, you probably would have heard all about the benefits of a standing desk.

After all, standing workstations have been established to be far superior to the traditional office chair and desk set up. Not only are there multiple health benefits such chronic disease risk reduction, increase in lifespan, and increased metabolism, standing desks have even been associated with better workplace productivity.

Taking into account all the well-documented perks of a sit to stand desk, it is understandable that you would want to finally get one for yourself. If you are looking for your first standing desk or looking to upgrade an existing model, you may want to consider the mid-priced ApexDesk AirDesk height adjustable desk.

Quick Comparison

If you are interested in the ApexDesk AirDesk, then you may want to compare it to similar manual standing desks such as the Flexispot or Stand Steady desks as you can see in the table below.

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Height: adjustable between 29 inches to 47 inches
Legs: 2 telescopic offset legs
Crossbar: Yes
Adjustment mechanism: Manual pneumatic lift
Weight capacity: 180 pounds
Work surface dimensions: 47×27 inches or 59×29 inches
Work surface thickness: 1 inch
Mobility: Two rear casters
Colour: Black
Material: Steel
Shipping weight: 80 pounds
Item weight: 75 pounds
Place of manufacture: China
Warranty period: 2 years
Accessories: None

AirDesk Overview

First of all, an adjustable height of 29 inches to 47 inches allows this desk to be a flexible sitting or standing desk. It comes with 2 telescopic offset legs for a minimalist but elegant look. For ease of mobility, there are two rear casters attached to the bottom of this desk, allowing you to slide it over a variety of surfaces (even carpet) to exactly where you want it.

It is important to note that the ApexDesk AirDesk comes with a crossbar that spans the width of the frame. This is a double-edged sword. Even though the crossbar adds stability to the workstation, it can often get in the way when using this desk especially in a seated position. It also means that making any modifications to the standing desk can be a little tricky.

Steel is used as the main construction material to build the frame of the AirDesk, ensuring that this Chinese manufactured standing desk is sturdy and durable. But just in case, it is covered by a warranty period of 2 years for extra peace of mind, so you can be sure that your standing desk purchase will be a long-term investment. This being said, a 2-year warranty doesn’t quite stand up to the warranties of other brands, such as 7 years on the Fully manual standing desk.

With regards to the internal mechanics supporting the workings of this desk, it is a manual standing desk. This desk utilizes hydraulic pressure for a manual pneumatic height adjustment system, which would explain the name ‘AirDesk’. The result is an easy to adjust, sleek looking manual desk. Although electric standing desks may be more convenient to use, manual ones have their definite advantages as well. This is further discussed below as a ‘pro’ of the AirDesk.

Airdesk pneumatic lift system

If this is your first standing desk and you are unsure whether manual or electric is the best option for you, do check out our article that discusses in detail the pros and cons of electric standing desks versus manual standing desks.

The total weight capacity of the ApexDesk AirDesk is 180 pounds, which should be sufficient to support a well-equipped workstation without any concerns of breakage. If you need more than this, however, we recommend looking at electric standing desks as they generally have higher lifting capacity.

The work surface of this sit stand desk is 1” thick with two size options of either 47×27” or a bigger top surface of 59×29″. The larger option is understandably more expensive, but not by a large margin. With regards to color, the entire desk comes black, without any other color options to choose from. This is somewhat limiting, but then again most people prefer function over looks!

Shipping is straightforward with the AirDesk. It comes shipped in two boxes, and the shipping weight is 80 pounds. The weight of the table by itself is 75 pounds.

AirDesk size and shape

Do note that there are no drawers, keyboard trays or any extra accessories that you can add to this manual standing desk, unlike other desks which let you add accessories (usually at a cost). These accessories can be really useful if you want to take your desk just that little bit further and add even more ergonomic features.

Now that we have got the specs out of the way, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the ApexDesk AirDesk Movable Sit Standing Desk.

AirDesk Pros & Cons

The Pros

  • Ease of assembly
  • Pneumatic height adjustment system
  • Appealing worktop


  • Stabilizing crossbar
  • No drawers, keyboard tray or any extras

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What users like about the AirDesk

1. Ease of assembly

Do not underestimate how tricky it can be to self-assemble a complicated piece of furniture such as a standing desk. Since it would be supporting the weight of highly valuable items such as desktops and laptops, it is even more crucial that your standing workstation has been assembled properly.

Thankfully, assembling the ApexDesk AirDesk standing desk is a straightforward and quick process. It mainly involves putting a few screws together.

To be precise, there are 14 screws to assemble at the base and a further 6 screws to put together at the top. Even better, you do not need a drill as all holes are pre-drilled to make it easier for you. This is perfect if you are new to assembling furniture or have struggled with assembly in the past.

It takes most people around 20 to 30 minutes to put together this sit-stand desk although assembly is more easily done by two people instead of just one.

Another zero hassle option to be aware of regarding assembly is that Amazon also offers assembly service in certain locations. Users who have used the assembly service for this particular standing desk reported positive experiences.

p class=”post-link”>SEE THE BEST: We have ranked the best standing desks of 2019. Take a look at the full list here.

2. Pneumatic height adjustment system

Adjusting the height of this desk to transition between sitting and standing is smooth and easy. With the Apex AirDesk’s modern design, all you have to do to adjust the height is use the one-touch lever that is powered by hydraulic technology. You won’t find any awkward cranks on this standing desk!

Users have consistently praised the pneumatic spring mechanism powering this table. We found that the vast majority of reviews out there state that the desk goes up and down smoothly and that the lever mechanism is very easy to use, just like pushing a button.

If you prefer a minimalist look to your workstation and especially detest the appearance of unsightly cables and power cords, this is a good choice. Being a manual standing desk without an electrical motor also means that there are no messy cable cords to deal with when using this desk.

Of course, it requires a little more effort than a motorized standing desk but the tradeoff is that manual desks are much cheaper than motorized versions.

With this manual standing workstation, you won’t have to worry about such things as the pneumatic system is built to last.

3. Appealing worktop

We love the look of the worktop on the ApexDesk AirDesk. Not only do you have a choice of 2 sizes between 47×27 inches or 59×29 inches, but the actual shape is also designed beautifully.

It is clear that this standing desk is made with ergonomics in mind, with a smooth indented cut out on the front which allows you to get closer to the desk. This inviting design makes working on it seem just a little bit more appealing, which is a big plus in our books!

The top also has one cable grommet to pass any wires through, so you can keep your devices charged easily.

Apart from the shape, the black laminate material also looks aesthetically pleasing. As black is such a neutral color it will naturally blend in with the rest of the décor in your office or home.

Possible drawbacks

1. Stabilizing crossbar

While the crossbar running across the width of the desk adds some crucial stability to this sit-stand desk, it can get in the way.

There are a few situations in which this crossbar could be a hindrance. First, if you are a person who likes to sit close to the desk, be aware that your knees or shins may bump against this crossbar when using it in a seated position.

This will especially be an issue if you are a tall person with long legs or if you like to stretch your legs out while you sit. If you are taller than average and have concerns about finding a standing desk that fits comfortably, check out our article on the best standing desks for a tall person.

Apart from that, if you are planning to use accessories to increase mobility such as an under desk treadmill or an under desk cycle with this desk, be aware that it may not comfortably fit.

This is a big pitfall of the ApexDesk AirDesk as these under desk exercise equipment can be very effective in increasing workplace mobility.

For DIY enthusiasts out there who may be thinking of removing the crossbar, we don’t recommend buying this desk with the intention to modify the crossbar in any way. One user who went ahead and removed the crossbar found the desk very difficult to use afterward without the crossbar, the desk became very wobbly. It also made it much more difficult to adjust the height of both sides in a synchronized way.

2. No drawers, keyboard trays or any extra accessories

With this adjustable standing desk, what you see is what you get. Depending on your minimalist preferences, this can be a good thing.

However, if you are looking for a desk with options that go beyond worktop size, the ApexDesk AirDesk may seem a little lacklustre. There aren’t any extra accessories you can add to jazz up your desk, and the original design out of the box is simple. There are no drawers or keyboard trays on this desk, and adding your own would not be a straightforward process.


If you do not want to splurge on an electric height adjustable desk, but still need an affordable, simple and well built standing desk, the ApexDesk AirDesk is a great option to consider. It is sleek, good looking and the internal mechanisms work smoothly for seamless height adjustments.

Just be aware that the crossbar may get in the way. However, this disadvantage is highly user dependent. Based on how you use the desk, you may not even notice that the crossbar is there.

Once you have got your standing desk all set up and ready to use, there are multiple ways to jazz up your workstation a notch. Our favourite way of accessorizing a standing workstation is to add an anti-fatigue standing mat to pair with your desk. This would provide both increased comfort and more mobility options.

Either way, improving your office environment is an investment towards better health. We hope this ApexDesk AirDesk review helped you choose the best sit stand desk for yourself from the multitude of standing workstations out there.

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