About Painless Movement

Painless Movement was created to help people find better ways to live healthy and happy. Frustrated with pains, aches, and other ailments, we look at finding better ways to stay fit and healthy.

What is Painless Movement

Painless Movement is an online blog that was started in 2017 by Nick Joanes. After being plagued with injuries for many years and treating those injuries through the help of physios, doctors, and his own personal trial and error, Nick decided to share some of his knowledge. As you can see in the website disclaimer, this website is by no means to be used as a substitute for medical help, merely a resource for information regarding health, fitness, ergonomics, among other topics.

Our bread and butter are the product reviews and the best of reviews. We love to discover new and interesting health and fitness products and research them to find out what the best product is on the market. You can see examples of this in our best standing desks round-up post, or in another post where we do a deep dive review on the Fully Cooper desk converter.

Our goal is also to help consumers know why they should buy certain products, with our in-depth buying guides. Our guides dig deep into all the ins and outs of a product and what features you should be looking at when making a purchase.

Last but not least is our health and fitness articles. Articles such as Protecting Your Wrists in the Office or How to Create an Ergonomic Office are written specifically to give our readers tips and tricks to living a healthy and pain-free life. We discuss exercises, stretches, and things to avoid doing in your day-to-day life.

How we conduct our research and writing

Unlike some review sites which purchase products and give you their unique opinion on it, we like to do things a little differently. We listen to what users have to say to give you a 360-degree unbiased and unadulterated review of every product. Rather than just reading what one person thinks about a product, you can see a summary of what EVERYONE thinks.

What does this mean? Well, our researchers and writers spend many hours researching every product within every category in order to understand what makes product A different to product B and product C, understanding the number of options available to the consumer, and ultimately spending hours researching what REAL users like or dislike about each product. Our writers can then condense all this information into an easy-to-digest article where you know you aren’t reading one person’s biased review, rather a healthy balance of many opinions. Our idea is to save you time and help you make the correct buying decisions.

Imagine you want to buy a new ergonomic mouse, and you decide to do some research on which mouse to buy. In general, this could take a couple of hours of blog reading, checking reviews, seeing what the user reviews say…it can be a lot of work. Well, now you don’t have to.

We do the research so you don’t have to.

Who are the writers behind Painless Movement

Our team is a mix of writers from all backgrounds. Some have experience and training in the health and fitness industry, others have a background in medicine, while some just treat health and fitness as their hobby. One thing that connects us all: the desire to research and learn about the many wonderful ways we can attempt to live a healthier lifestyle.

The Painless Movement Team

Many of the articles on the website are written by the Painless Movement Team. This team comprises of medical professionals, fitness professionals such as personal trainers, professional researchers and writers, and health and fitness enthusiasts. By this, we mean that more than one person has contributed to the article, and the result is the research and opinions of a number of people in our editorial team.

Nick Joanes

Nick is the founder of Painless Movement and the reason this website began. His experiences with injuries, aches, and pains led him to create a resource for anyone who was suffering from similar issues. His goal is to inform, inspire, and help as many people as he can through anecdotal experiences and ways in which he himself has managed to overcome his injuries.

Dr. Praveena Asokan, MBChB

Praveena has a background in medicine, having graduated from the University of Leicester with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery before working in various hospitals. Her knowledge of medicine and skills in research make her the perfect addition to the writing team and her articles show sound knowledge of her field.

Leon Mao

Leon is an Australian physiotherapist who specialises in working with musculoskeletal conditions. He graduated the University of Melbourne with his Doctorate in Physiotherapy before entering the workforce. He is now consulting from Top to Toe Health as a clinical and telehealth physiotherapist and primarily works with office-based workers and athletes. For any enquiries or further information, please visit Digital Physio.

Carl Field

Carl is a writer with a background in product research. He writes for Painless Movement on a number of topics, predominantly about office ergonomics and office products. As a writer who spends most of the day behind a desk, he understands how important an ergonomic and comfortable place to work is for long-term health and fitness.

Nigel Sim

Nigel is a writer first and foremost, and a fitness buff on the side. When he is not playing sports or working out, you will find him researching consumer goods and helping people make informed buying decisions. His research skills and understanding of what consumers want as well as a passion for sports and fitness make him a great part of the team.

The Medical Experts

As well as having a team of expert writers, we also wish to make sure that all of our articles and blog posts are factually accurate and based on scientific research. We kindly ask experts with medical backgrounds to fact-check and approve each article.


Dr. Marija Petkovic

Maria is a doctor and medical writer. She acts as a reviewer and editor of the articles on Painless Movement, to make sure they are of the highest quality. Her experience in medical research helps us provide you with scientifically backed research in our articles.


Dr. Praveena Asokan

As well as being one of our writers, Praveena also helps assess and approve the works of other writers on the website. Her background as a qualified doctor means she is able to verify the quality and factual accuracy of each article.