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Ergonomic keyboard tray

Best Ergonomic Keyboard Tray in 2021

Incorrect typing posture can lead to repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and carpal tunnel syndrome. One of the main issues is the desk height and the lack of adjustability of the keyboard position. An ergonomic keyboard tray can be the solution your looking for.


Best Trackball Mouse for Ergonomics in 2021

Finding the right trackball mouse is easy once you know what to look for, and largely boils down to your personal preference. Some factors to consider include the size of the ball, how it feels in your hand, and whether it is finger or thumb-operated.

Office chair vs gaming chair

Office Chair vs. Gaming Chair: Which is Best?

Both are built for the same, comfort-centered purpose, but an office chair and a gaming chair are different in terms of design and features, which greatly impact comfort, adjustability, and ergonomics.

Best ergonomic office chair under $200

Best Ergonomic Office Chair Under $200

The cost of a top-line ergonomic office chair may seem prohibitive to some, especially when some brands and models reach well over $500. If you’re on a budget then these are the ergonomic chairs for you.

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